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Every year we release a limited collection of our Italian Greyhound clothes for the fall season. Therefore, we have a certain number of them in stock. However, clothes sell out quickly, so if you haven't had time to buy something you like, click "Notify about availability" on the product page. We will get a signal that you are waiting for a given pattern in a certain size. Then we go to work and sew the missing clothes. This may take two to four weeks, depending on the intensity of the work. When we add clothes to the warehouse, you will receive an e-mail notification that the product has returned to the store.


We have introduced the Pre Order option to our store, which means that you can buy something that is not yet available - has not been manufactured or sewn. In this way, we collect orders to be able to produce things that cannot be sewn in single copies. In this way, we also test interest in new products, and you can be sure that you will not miss the novelty. We have always thought that the products we release appear in limited editions, so we usually do not go back to the patterns from previous seasons.