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About us

italian greyhound clothing
We make original & comfortable italian greyhound clothing. We always choose the best, certificated fabrics & we print our own ideas on them, to make italian greyhound clothing even more special.

You've probably already noticed, that the commonly available dog clothes doesn't fit your italian greyhound well. It's all about specific iggy anatomy. We know that very well. We are proud owners of pretty big pack of those adorable dogs & we always suffered because of no original, nice & funny clothes for italian greyhounds. That's why we produce clothes for iggys, leashes, collars snoods and sleeping bags. We have eight models at home (in all sizes) - so we always know if clothes fit well. We know what's the best for italian greyhounds, and we want to share it with you!

italian greyhound clothing
We'll do our best to make your shipping as safe as possible. We prepare an order always the same day and we send it as possible as we can - sometimes even the same day.

We also do everything to make your payment secure. You can use credit card transaction or just make money transfer on your own.

If your jumper is too small or too big you can always send it back - you have 14 days to do this. We will send you the new one or send back your money.

Our happy Clients live worldwide - this is the best gift for us. We are always very happy if you tag us on facebook or instagram. We also wait for photos sending by e-mail.

Wear.Chartbeat italian greyhound clothes are in USA, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, China, Russia, Canada, UK, Italy and almost in all countries across Europe!

We love to make clothes for italian greyhound - it is kind of our passion. We're pretty sure, that your italian greyhound would dress up in our store!