Italian greyhound clothing - new collection

Agata, 21 august 2017
Italian greyhound clothing - new collection
italian greyhound clothes - drops blouse

Last weeks we worked hard to make new collection of italian greyhound clothing for autumn. All blouses and jackets for italian greyhounds are hand made & fits perfect. This season we chose colorful, modern & high quality fabrics.

And so  - as first we would like to show you DROPS blouse with delicate print in droplets, in many color models to choose. We were not quite convinced to combine the different colors (in this case green with blue), but the first prototype blouse was just wonderful. A bit of cheerfulness for sad & long autumn days. This blouse certainly draws attention.

italian greyhound blouse - powerpuff

For those who don't like this kind of combinations we made a compromise - some models made of black fabrics, where only the collar is in color.

Another news is the POWERPUFF sweatshirt - funny blouse for italian greyhound, with print from well-known cartoon: Powerpuff Girls. What I really like about this fabric is the print, where Powerpuff Girls appear sporadically. This blouse for italian greyhounds looks really chic & supercute.

italian greyhound clothing pink neon

Third blouse is NEON jumper with gray back and two collar options - neon pink and neon green - my favourite fashionable colors.

I think both jumpers - DROPS & NEON have one more important value - the element responsible for italian greyhound safety. Vivid colors that will catch your eye, will certainly make easier to spot a dog in a forest or meadow - even from afar.

Finally, very warm jacket made of thick, waterproof & windproof fabric - perfect for the rainy days. Brilliant unicorns design makes the UNICORN jacket special & unique. We only sewed a few pieces, but due to interest probably soon we will prepare a few more.

jacket for italian greyhound - unicorn

All autumn italian greyhound clothes have warm and soft fleece inside - they are thick enough to make it even warmer in cold autumn evenings.

Some more (three new models) made of beautiful, original fabrics will appear in the second part of the autumn collection, early September. Fabrics (with the addition of elastane) are absolutely gorgeous! I'm already in love. But more about it soon.


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