Italian greyhound clothing - Fall 2019

Kuba, 17 september 2019
italian greyhound clothing colorful blouses

Italian greyhound clothing - Fall 2019 will be colorful with geometric, original patterns. We prepared comfortable blouses and rainproof slim fit jackets. For the winter you will find also easy to wear coats and cosy overalls - all for your dog's comfort and warm.

italian greyhound clothing coat for winter

Fall 2019 collection is an exploration of autumn symbols - leafs, blooms, foxes and autumn colors - orange, yellow, mint. All our fabrics (tracksuit and softshell) are printed exclusively for Wear.Chartbeat based on our design, what makes our clothing unique. All clothes are limited edition.

Italian greyhound clothing blouse with FOXES

Our choice for this season and our fav blouse is FOXY print and absolutely autumn blouse INCEPTION with amazing red, orange and navy colors. We are in love with BLACK CRYSTAL jacket with totally awesome 3D print and pink fleece inside.  

Almost all of our clothes for this Fall have one more important value - the element responsible for italian greyhound safety.

Italian greyhound clothing colorful PIXEL blouse

Vivid colors that will catch your eye, will certainly make easier to spot a dog in a forest or meadow - brilliant PIXEL blouse with colorful print is the best example. Our italian greyhound clothing have been designed to fit best specific italian greyhounds anatomy. 

Italian greyhound clothing BLOOM blouse

Wide and flexible fabric on the chest, big holes for legs don’t restrict dog movements, perfect fit and as a standard - the collar has a slot for the leash and a reflective element. Every item is additionally isolated with soft fleece. For dog clothing we always choose the best fabrics - comfortable and warm, high quality, used in human sport clothing. Our italian greyhound clothing are made with attention to every detail.

Italian greyhound clothing with sweater print

We also started preparing coats line for a real autumn windy and cold days. Warm, easy to wear waterproof and windproof coats with longer cuts and velcro fastening. Feel welcome to visit us - Wear.Chartbeat. To stay tuned visit our FB page - we always share the hottest news there.

We're pretty sure, that your iggy would dress up in our store ❤️️

Italian greyhound clothing waterproof LABYRINTH jackets


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