Italian greyhound clothes - Autumn 2017

Agata, 24 august 2017
italian greyhound bluse galaxy

We really like new arrivals - but these are so, so special. Last three jumpers for italian greyhounds are simply amazing, simply unique.

Galaxy Jumper - absolutely magnificent, colorful, original, fashionable. Made of really soft fabric, with thick and warm fleece inside. The pattern on the material is quite large, so each blouse is different and therefore unique. It has black, elastic belly and soft, warm fleece inside the collar. This one is our favourite.

italian greyhound clothing triangles

Second - Triangle Jumper - made of the same quality fabric with elastane added. Colorful sweatshirt with triangle print. Blouse is perfectly suited to the anatomy of Italian greyhounds. As usual in the collar reflective tape and a comfortable slot for the leash.

The last blouse for little Italians - XOX Jumper - is a colorful proposal for sad autumn days. Rainbow print resembles watercolor painting - we really love it. These blouses are limited edition, we have sewed only few of them.

italian greyhound blouse  xox

But it's not over yet. Soon we will show you two more colorful jumpers - we are working on that. We also started preparing jackets line for real autumn cold.

And at the beginning of the winter, we will present warm winter suits for exceptional freezing cold. Stay tuned & feel welcome to visit our shop - Wear.Chartbeat.


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