Italian greyhound bedding - plush cave beds

Kuba, 3 september 2019
italian greyhound bed

One of our customers favourite products are extremely comfortable and soft sleeping bags for italian greyhounds made of luxurious, high quality, quilted plush and lovely, smooth minky fleece inside. Our dogs love it too! We always choose modern, quilted fabric which is incredibly nice when touching. 

cave bed for italian greyhound

Colors you can alway find in our stock: grey, black and dirty pink. Sometimes we also sew mustard and navy colors. We always match it with full palette of minky fleece colors to make our beds also nice adjustment to interior.

Snuggle bag is for all dogs which love to hide under the blankets.

sleeping bag for italian greyhound

Size is perfect for one italian greyhounds, couple even two or three smaller dogs.You can easily wash our sleeping bags in washing

machine - up to 40 degrees. Inside of the bed there is warm, eco, anti-allergic filling. It's perfect place for a nap during cold, rainy days! It's also great leg warmer for a human ;)


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